Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively 3 beautiful daughters

Eldest daughter James

The eldest daughter of the couple was born in December 2014. The girl’s name is the only thing that her star dad has confirmed, arguing that he is afraid to accidentally make a mistake with a careless statement about other facts of James, and later receive criticism from his grown-up daughter.

According to Zoomboola, judging by the photographs on the networks, James is very similar to her mother, she is an artistic blonde angel with curly hair, who finds it difficult to sit still.

Middle daughter – Inez

Inez appeared in the Reynolds-Lively family in September 2016. And this is all the available information about the baby girl.

Baby Betty

At the beginning of 2019, at the premiere of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds, a couple has officially confirmed that they are expecting a baby. Although Blake’s pregnancy was no longer possible to hide.

The child was born a little earlier than planned, but all the troubles were long gone. Reynolds was long and stubbornly silent about his third baby. The only thing he said was that the third baby in the family is also a girl. Soon after, he posted on Twitter a photo of happy parents who appeared with their youngest daughter, whose face was hidden by an emoticon. Later, the paparazzi did not miss the opportunity to capture the girl, but none of them has yet managed to capture her face.

After a while, the girl’s name was declassified, which was promoted by the fans of the star couple. Based on the singer’s song, which mentions 3 female names, it became clear that these are the names of all three daughters of the couple. Later, the assumption was confirmed by the actor’s colleagues.


Ryan Reynolds daughters