3 stories from a set that left marks on the actors for a lifetime

Jake Gyllenhaal’s knocked-out tooth in Zodiac

(and Robert Downey’s rebellious spirit)

Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo fought constantly during the filming of the thriller Zodiac. When passions ran high and the smell of a fight began, Jake Gyllenhaal intervened and lost a tooth as a result. After the unpleasant incident, Jake’s colleagues immediately reconciled, and the knocked-out tooth was sold at an auction for $98 thousand. The money was sent to charity.

Another story on the set of Zodiac happened due to a conflict between two creative personalities. Downey Jr. was annoyed by the perfectionism of the director of the film, David Fincher, and the shooting technique: the film was shot on a digital camera, not on film, because of which there was almost no time for breaks between takes. To protest, the actor began to place cans with his feces around the site.

Real criminal and robbery in Leon

The actors who played the police in Leon were given the opportunity to fulfill the duties of real law enforcement officers. One guy tried to escape from the scene of the crime (he committed a robbery). But he was not lucky, and he stumbled upon the actors of Leon, disguised as police officers. Taking them for real, the troublemaker voluntarily surrendered to the surprised actors.

Harrison Ford hit Ryan Gosling on the set of Blade Runner 2049

During the filming of the film’s action scene, Harrison Ford accidentally punched Ryan Gosling in the face. Gosling later said that after they brought him ice for his face, Ford pushed the injured actor away and put his fist into the ice. This funny shot from the movie made users think: I wonder if Ford’s grimace is a sincere regret or “oh shit, my hand!”

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