5 actors missing a body part but no one notices

Matthew Perry

In his youth, Matthew pinched his hand in the door so hard that the phalanx of his finger had to be removed. Nevertheless, this missing part of the body did not prevent him from becoming one of the best “friends”. With all this, he was very worried and thought that he would not succeed but it happened.

Whoopi Goldberg

The actress has no eyebrows. Whoopi began shaving them off long before worldwide fame. The actress was very demanding about her appearance and decided that shaggy and stiff eyebrow, which she could not manage to put in order, spoil her.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah lost half her index finger in early childhood. However, this did not stop her from working in the film industry, where millions of people will see her feature. In films, she usually hides her hand in gloves or pockets.

Gaten Matarazzo

In Stranger Things, his character has no front teeth. This is not at all a “feature” of the character, but a real ailment of the actor – clavicular-cranial dysostosis. Glory helped Gaten draw attention to people suffering from this disease, and with the money earned to correct the situation after several difficult operations.

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