How the personal life of the main “bimbo girls” develops

For the sake of beauty, these girls have changed themselves beyond recognition, but not all of them are now crowded by men.

Mary Magdalene

On the list of her transformations – three Brazilian buttock lifts, liposuction of arms, thighs, and chin, gluteal implants, fillers in the cheeks and lips, three breast augmentation, and plastic surgery of the most intimate place.

Despite many modifications, Mary has not had a boyfriend. And she is embarrassed to meet guys since she is an introvert by nature.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova

A 22-year-old student from Bulgaria is confidently going on a world record: she has pumped her lips more than 20 times in a couple of years.

Andrea assures that every day she receives compliments about her lips. But for some reason, she still doesn’t have a boyfriend. Maybe they are afraid to kiss such beauty?

Nina Peterson

In her youth, Nina met with a rich boyfriend who paid for all her whims. And then she decided on her first extreme cosmetic surgery to look like her idol Jessica Rabbit.

She had 4 breast augmentation surgeries, two lip augmentation surgeries, three rhinoplasties, and this is not counting smaller interventions.

Thanks to plastic surgery, Nina ended up doing very well. She began to date rich men of age who gave her gifts and surrounded her with attention. “I would say that my most expensive gift was a $ 200,000 Maserati Quattro and the house I live in.”

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