3 idols of the youth of the 1990s who didn’t stand the test of fame

Nicholas Brendon

The actor didn’t get into the Buffy series right away: he auditioned for the role four times. After that major projects did not follow.

In October 2014, Brandon was arrested for damaging property at a hotel in Idaho. The actor smashed a plate in the hotel lobby and then resisted a police officer. He was repeatedly treated for alcohol addiction, but still broke down and arranged drunken fights. In 2017, Brandon was arrested for assaulting a girl.

Amanda Bynes

Glory drove the actress crazy – Amanda failed and in 2010 announced her retirement. But the girl did not manage to calmly go into the shadows. She was accused of drug addiction, suspected of mental problems, and when she almost set fire to someone else’s house, she could not walk away from treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Now Amanda has recovered – in every sense. You hardly recognize in her the star of youth comedies of the past. But Bynes leads a quiet life, works with a personal psychologist, and even plans to return to television.

Edward Furlong

Edward’s powerful start in the big movie was “smudged” with drugs and alcohol, which also affected the appearance of the once pretty teenager. At the age of 15, Edward began dating 29-year-old Jacqueline Domak, his manager. When they broke up in 1999, Jacqueline took 15% of the actor’s fortune and sued him for domestic violence. Then the actor began to use drugs.

In 2006, Furlong married actress Rachel Bella, who was expecting a child from him. After the divorce, Furlong threatened his wife, and while spending time with his six-year-old son, he gave the child cocaine. The court sent Furlong to prison for 2 months and then to compulsory treatment.