8 little-known actors from big star families

Lisa Roberts Gillan

The younger sister of Eric Roberts and the older sister of Julia Roberts – Lisa Roberts Gillan – is the least known in this large stellar family. The media constantly compare the careers of Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts and completely forget about the third sibling. She has been acting in films since 1988, she can be seen in several of her sister’s projects, but everywhere she plays episodic inconspicuous roles.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is the older brother of Hollywood stars Owen and Luke Wilson. All three began acting in 1993. The younger ones starred in a short film by Wes Anderson, after which their careers have since gone uphill, while Andrew Wilson has remained little known. In the early 2000s, he tried himself as a director, but this experiment also failed.

Daniel Baldwin

The main star among the four Baldwin brothers is Alec Baldwin. His three younger brothers are also acting in films. William Baldwin was a successful start in the 1990s. Stephen Baldwin went down in film history thanks to the film The Usual Suspects. But Daniel Baldwin, although he starred in more than 130 projects, remained the least known of the four.

Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth is the older brother of the famous Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Together with Chris, they began acting in Australian TV series in 2002. And after 5 years, the youngest brother came to the cinema. While Chris and Liam were taking over Hollywood, starring in blockbusters, Luke continued to film in Australia. Only in recent years has he become a part of Hollywood, playing one of the main roles in the series Westworld.

Tom Franco

Everyone has known James Franco for a long time and recently learned about the existence of his brother Dave, thanks to his roles in the films Now You See Me and The Disaster Artist. However, few people know that seven years before the first film role of James Franco, his older brother Tom had already starred in the movie. However, the acting career did not work out. He returned to the cinema only in 2011 – he played a small role in his brother’s project Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

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